Photoshop Tutorial: Long Exposure HDR

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This video tutorial is the first to include how to set up your shot and how to capture with
post treatment mind. When the shooting is done, it moves into photoshop & photomatix pro for some subtle HDR integration.

I wish to thank Rin of Deviant Art for inspiring the making of this tutorial and I hope it helps you capture some really nice images for the holidays.

STP Tutorials – Long Exposure HDR
– Photoshop and Photomatix Pro
– Difficulty: “Beginner – Intermediate”
– Duration: approximately 17 minutes

Here are some sample images that were created using this process:

Please leave a comment below if you would like to see me cover a certain topic of if you just have some general feedback. Thank you for watching and catch us on the next episode!

Watch the video to get the full scope of how you can do this with your own images.

“Cheers and Happy Holidays!”

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