Photoshop Tutorial: Sky Replacement

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This video tutorial will cover what you can do if you shot great photos on a clear day.
In this example, my great friend Julia Starr of Julia Starr Photography was awesome enough to be my model,
but unfortunately the sky turned out a bit blue-gray and very unappealing. To add much more flare
I show a very easy way to knock out the unwanted sky for replacement by a better one that was shot
at a different time.

STP Tutorials – Sky Replacement and Compositing
– Photoshop required
– Difficulty: “Beginner – Intermediate”
– Duration: approximately 14 minutes

Here are the two images representing the original and the composite:

Before Sky Replacement

Before Sky Replacement

After Sky Replacement

After Sky Replacement

Please leave a comment below if you would like to see me cover a certain topic of if you just have some general feedback. Thank you for watching and catch us on the next episode!
Watch the video to get the full scope of how you can do this with your own images.

“Cheers and Happy 2013!”

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