Moss Landing 2014

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A Quick Trip to the Monterey Bay Area

Sunday, March 9th, 2014


To celebrate the start of daylight savings and longer days, Julia and I took a day trip to Moss Landing, just a short distance off the coast here, there exists the start of an underwater sea canyon that dwarfs the deepest parts of the Grand Canyon. The canyon begins in the middle of the Monterey Bay, and extends 95 miles into the Pacific Ocean where it terminates at the Monterey Canyon submarine fan, reaching depths of up to 11,800 ft below surface level at its deepest.

(Check out Julia’s Travel Blog “MOSS LANDING” for a different take on this awesome day out!) =D

Moss Landing

( 36.8067244°N, -121.7892203°W )

Moss Landing always seems to have a hazy atmosphere every time we visit, but today seemed a lot clearer than most days. There is no fee to park here and bathrooms are limited to Port A Potties. a small sandy slope blocks a direct view of the shore from the parking area, but a small hike up and over reveals all.
One of the most iconic man made features at Moss Landing is the Moss Landing Power Plant. It is a natural gas powered electricity generation plant located at the midpoint of Monterey Bay. The plant’s large exhaust stacks are giant visual landmarks, visible throughout the Monterey Bay Area.

“Setting up our mini base of operations while we prepare our gear for some photo action”

“There were all sorts of birds at the beach that day, feeding on the tiniest of creatures in the sand”

“The power plant was looking very photogenic that day and Julia had pointed out a massive sun halo in the sky”

“Julia always takes the opportunity to bring photo props with her to any beach”

“Trying to get the shot, but it’s hard to concentrate when I’m in the distance taking candid shots of her working…lol”

“Setting up some sweet Starfish photos”

“Getting low for a better composition, always a good idea to change up the perspective”

“There were quite a few people at the beach this day scattered at various distances including a young couple on some horses”

“This kid was definitely have a great time, I’m sure the horse was digging it too”

“The waves started to increase in ferocity as the evening approached”

Moss Landing is definitely a great place to visit with it’s vast sandy beaches and vast scenery since it lies right at the center of Monterey Bay. I would love to visit again sometime in the near future and maybe stop at some of the “Fried Artichoke” shops that are littered along the Pacific Coast Highway =)

Until the next travel blog, this is your truly saying, “Shoot the Planet!”


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