Day of the Jellyfish 2014

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Pacific Coast Highway 1

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014


Julia and I always enjoyed a good photo venture to the coast when we lived in San Luis Obispo together, so when she came out to visit last year, it was only natural that we embark on a series of new adventures to new coastal locations with our trusty photo gear.

(Check out Julia’s Travel Blog “A DAY AT THE BEACH 2” for a different take on this awesome day out!) =D

Chandra Beach

( 37.3493758°N, -122.3988259°W )

For the many times that I had driven past various sections of coast, there was one spot that had a really nice photo opportunity of some sea cliffs, but it seemed that access to the shoreline below from the highway up above was by means of some secret pathway that I did not know about. Julia encouraged me to pull over and we started to explore the available paths. Eventually we found a steep 80ft descent. We went down the dirt trail that you see in the photo below and eventually took the pipeline on the way back up which had a rope tied all along the way.

“The pathway up the pipeline was much steeper than the dirt path that we had taken.”

“The day was a bit hazy, but the scenery more than made up for it”

“I am happiest whenever she is having a great time”

One thing that we had not anticipated at Chandra Beach were the numerous jellies that washed ashore. We had always found sand dollars, sea lice, tiny crabs and various other critters, but this was the first time we found jellies in these quantities. If I were to take a wild guess I would easily estimate the jellyfish casualties in the thousands.

“Julia investigates the curious critter with a poke…lol”

“There were many fallen comrades”

“Getting a macro shot of these little jellies was a must”

“A closer look at the detail within these glass like creatures”

“Using my size 13 boot for comparison”

“Julia had found this giant of a different species, it was the size of a large dinner plate!”

“Here’s a small video of Chandra Beach and the Jellies we found”

“We took the rope path to get back up the cliff, it was quite steep in places”

Pescadero State Beach

( 37.2588632°N, -122.4129518°W )

After getting our fill of dead Jellyfish spilled on the shore, Julia and I headed south to Pescadero State Beach which is a personal favorite of mine. Depending on the time of day, we could meet with high tides or not. High tides meant that we would get cut off from some of the areas that are great for some seascape shots. Just like with Chandra Beach, there is no charge to park here, however unlike Chandra where parking is limited to what’s available on the side of the highway, Pescadero State Beach actually had a small, dirt parking lot with a single restroom hut.

“The sun was starting its descent and so we made the best of our available ‘light’ time when we arrived”

“A man walks alone on the distant rocks giving a perspective of the scale of things in this scenery”

“The waves were crashing a lot more aggressively than normal for this area, but oh how beautiful they were”

“Julia was going photo crazy here as much as I was, waves like this during sunset are a real visual treat”

“Between the colors brought on by sundown and the texture of the shore, the photo opportunities seemed endless, but temporary”

“A final blast of light as the sun approaches the horizon and the crests of the waves became electric!”

“Final moments before nightfall and another great photo venture achieved”

There are countless unexplored beaches from Halfmoon Bay to Santa Cruz and I intend to explore them all. Here’s to another set of great coastal hot spots to shoot at! As usual, thank you for visiting and remember to “Shoot the Planet!”

“See you all on the next adventure!…. Cheers!”


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  1. Julia
    | Reply

    These are wonderful! The beautiful, crisp quality makes me want to cry! It’s like I am reliving it all over again! Such wonderful adventures. Who knows, maybe I’ll be there sooner than we think. 🙂 I love those little jelly bellies! They felt weird to touch but wow, it was like a graveyard of them. So glad to have experienced such neat finds with you! <3

    • Indigo
      | Reply

      Aww, Thank you so much Julia! ^_^
      I am glad that we shared many adventures like this and I very much look forward to newer adventures with you! <3

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