Alamere Falls

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Bolinas, CA

Saturday, June 6th, 2015


This weekend was going to be a scorcher for the South Bay and I wasn’t about to have any of that. I wanted to get a good hike in and possibly even get a decent travel blog going so I knew that I would inevitably be heading northbound.

I had been researching other potential locations around Point Reyes since I enjoyed the last trip to that area so much. Alamere Falls was a place that kept appearing on the map and with enough personal convincing, I set off to make an adventure of it. The drive would be approximately 88 miles and take me though San Francisco traffic in the process, which for a Saturday was not as terrible as I could imagine.

Palomarin Trailhead

GPS Coordinates: 37.9332597° N, -122.7470328° W

Passing through the small town of Bolinas, you have to take Mesa Rd. a very narrow two lane road. It eventually becomes a dirt road and leads to a small parking lot that is located right at the Palomarin Trailhead where you will access the trail that leads out to Alamere Falls among other locations. There are restrooms available there.

The hike that I logged for this trip was about 7.5 miles round trip, there are a lot of inclines which make this hike a little tougher than getting to the top of PG&E trail in Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve back in Los Altos.

I recommend some kind of insect repellent during the late Spring/Summer season because I got bit a few times by mosquitoes.


“At the start of the trail, you will encounter a small eucalyptus forest”

“Eventually the trail runs along a ledge that overlooks some of the black shoreline below”

“After hiking in the open, the trail becomes a tunnel of green in some areas”

“This bridge was very photogenic”

“A lot of the vegetation was covered in a very fine blanket of moisture droplets, perfect for macro shots”

“Dew drops on the petal of a flower”

“Further in, some areas of the trail got a little cramped”

“The first major body of fresh water that you will encounter is Bass Lake”

“The vast amount of green in this area is just ridiculous”

“The last freshwater body is Pelican Lake, from this point you are very close to the Alamere Falls trail junction”

“I was a little uncertain about this trailhead, but even though I had my doubts, I knew that I was going in”

“The path literally became a narrow tunnel of vegetation at some points along this trail”

Alamere Falls

GPS Coordinates: 37.9531827° N, -122.7832131° W

Alamere Falls is a rare “Tidefall”, a water fall that sets down on the beach. This is the only waterfall like this that I know of in California other than McWay Falls in Big Sur. The key difference here is that you are not restricted from walking in and around the falls. Alamere Falls is actually a collection of 4 falls with the last drop being the biggest at 40ft in height. This waterfall flows year round. One interesting fact is that Point Reyes is located on the Pacific Plate and right on the San Andreas Fault which means that Alamere Falls is slowly inching northbound.

“Once I got to the falls area, I encountered the first major obstacle in the form of a steep trail descent”

“I got down with ease because I am half Mountain Goat, the couple coming down after me were not having such an easy time”

“As I got down the first cliff trail, I learned that Alamere Falls was composed of a series of smaller cascades like this one”

“This was the smallest of the bunch, but just as beautiful”

“The third and final cascade before the big falls”

“Getting down to the beach was a bit more of a challenge, a 40ft cliff is all that stood in the way”

“Eventually, I found a rough trail that led down to the beach, but I had to be cautious because the rocks were sharp”

“The rock appeared to be a very brittle shale and as sharp as it was pointy to the touch”

“These guys were heading up the same path I used to get down which was not easy with a camera and tripod in tow”

“At last, the long awaited Alamere Falls was now in full site”

“This hiker helped bring things into scale for the photo”

“The amount of water was not as much as the Winter/Spring season, but it was still quite dazzling”

“Even the seagulls stopped by to have a drink of fresh water from all the run off”

“Here is a brief video of my travel to the falls through the thick brush, highly I recommend long sleeves when doing this passage”

“I had about 1.5 hours left before dark, so I started my journey back immediately”

“The fog was starting to roll in and I could feel it getting a bit colder”

Today was a fantastic day, I escaped the scorching heat of the South Bay and ventured to the cooler overcast weather of Marin County. Although the water flow at the falls was not as grandiose as I have seen in other photos that people have taken, it was still a very beautiful experience. I want to return here during the wet season, I can only imagine how amazing the photo opportunities will be then.

Until then, thanks for visiting and remember to always “Shoot the Planet!”


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  1. Sabrina
    | Reply

    Great work! Your photos and captions are so descriptive, I feel like I’m there in spirit lol Now I want to go hike there and see the falls.

    • Indigo
      | Reply

      Thank you so much Sabrina!, I would love for you to come experience Alamere Falls! It’s definitely a very worthy experience =)

  2. Luz
    | Reply

    Beautiful photos and great information. Wonderful way to spend a day off or two.

    • Indigo
      | Reply

      Thanks mom! <3
      I'd love to share these locations with you when you come up to visit =D

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