Training for Half Dome

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San Jose, CA

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015


Back in March a coworker invited me to join her in an effort to qualify for the Yosemite National Park “Half Dome Lottery”. During the preseason lottery, 225 permits are available for each day. The application period for this lottery is hosted from March 1st through March 31st.
Suffice it to say that we both qualified!, since then I have been training and today marks the 4th month of intense training for my hike to the top of Half Dome.

This is will be a monumental hike for me personally as it will challenge me physically and mentally. As one who’s suffered from Acrophobia my entire life, I have done everything I can to face it since 2006 and I have gotten a lot better about it, however getting to the top of Half Dome will be the most extreme challenge to date, far out weighing other scenarios that I have challenged myself with in the past such as standing 5ft from the edge of the Grand Canyon.

So far I have shed 22.8 pounds of weight and brought my body fat down from 28% to 19% since March, I feel a lot better and find that I can carry my pack a lot easier as well. My knees were a bit of a problem for a while and at one point I was worried that I had damage which could require surgery, but after reading up and doing a lot of research on it, I discovered that the pain was caused by weaker surrounding muscles that would typically support the knee. Naturally focused on strengthening these over the last 4 months and combined with the weight loss, the results are incredible!

There are 6 spots allowed pr qualified lottery winner and so I have made an effort to fill all six spots for this hike. Recently I managed to get all six places filled with coworkers and one of their friends from L.A.
We just finally started some training together and went on a hike to see how we did.

“6.6 miles with a 1,430ft elevation gain is not bad, but it’s a far cry from the Half Dome trail”

“A map of our group hike, the weather was the hottest today, but the clouds and setting sun helped”
(For an interactive map, click the images below)


I am still trying to break some personal bests until then, my pack is about 30+ pounds when fully loaded and so I train with it loaded on the weekends. Hopefully I will acclimate my shoulders to the excess weight and keep on truckin’ until Half Dome day is here!



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