One on One Lessons and Private Group Bookings

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Booking a One on One Lesson or Private Group Session for Workshops:

Attending a group workshop can prove helpful to some, but may prove distractive to others who prefer a more focused and direct style of learning which is why I offer private bookings for One on One style photography workshop sessions.

These workshops are great as they can be very flexible in just about every way that you can imagine. The date, time, and location for example is completely up to the you as well as the subject matter and the duration of the course itself.

These sessions can be very beneficial as you will learn everything I offer on the subjects that we cover and all your questions will be addressed without having to wait your turn. You will have my guidance 100% of the time as we trek out to any location you desire, the choice is yours. If you prefer that I choose the location, you can rest assured that I will find a perfect location for whatever subject you choose, from the basics to a literal crash course in capturing great imagery. Regardless the subject or location, you will definitely learn a lot and have a great time in the process.

Scheduling a One on One workshop can be a bit costly depending on variables such as travel time, location, duration, etc., But you definitely get what you pay for with my instruction. Private bookings work on an hourly or day rate. However, If money is tight and you would like a little break in the price while still keeping a quality learning experience, you might be interested in having a friend come along for the course by requesting a private group booking. You will save a bit more in the end and still learn loads of great stuff.

You can contact me to make an arrangement for a private One on One or Group Booking for any workshop or venture you like, simply visit the contact page and send me a message on what you would like to learn and we can work out the details together from there regarding everything else. If you are not sure what you would like to learn, we can always start with a day of the basics. All of my workshop sessions are guaranteed to leave you walking away with a better overall understanding of photography in general. I can custom taylor any session to cover whatever subject or genre you may have an interest in for the duration of the workshop so please ask away!

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