Mini Venture – Minor Earth, Major Sky

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Thursday, April 7th, 2016

I’ve been living in the Mojave over 25 years now and it’s nothing new to those who know me that when a Flash Flood Alert is in effect, it’s time for me to take my diesel out to play. Flash Floods are not very common out here so when they do happen it’s usually accompanied by some very gorgeous looking skies and that is always worth hauling along a bag of camera gear for. My gut feeling told me to head out to the El Mirage region and it did not disappoint! The skies were incredibly photogenic and the water that flooded Mojave Road was super fun to drive through!

“Approaching the end of Mojave Rd. aka Avenue P.”

“Playing in the water with a 4 ton diesel and listening to Dream Machine by Tesla Boy.”

The Old 737 Cockpit

GPS Coordinates: 34.6019° N, 117.7024° W

For years I had been driving past this unusual and oversized lawn ornament on someone’s property and never gave it a second thought until I finally learned from a friend that this is the exact cockpit and location that the popular 80’s group “A-Ha” used for as the album cover of their 2000 release of “Minor Earth, Major Sky.” I had never heard the song, nor the album, but after giving it a listen, I was an instant fan! =D

I always remembered A-Ha for their popular “Take on me” music video, but that’s about it. Learning that the album art lives in the same desert I do was very cool! The property is fenced off so the only way I could get a decent shot of the cockpit with the amazing stormy background was to stand on the back of my rig or get my camera lens to peak just over the top of the chain link fence. For a moment, I was under the impression that there may be some guard dog on duty, but such was not the case and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway because I would have still stuck around to get the shot.

“Minor Earth, Major Sky.”

After getting my kicks out on the stormy desert highways, it was time to get back home. A brief venture it was, but always worth the photo opportunities.


Until the next travel blog, remember to get out there and “Shoot the Planet!”



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