Mojave Wildflowers 2019

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“The Mojave Desert gets a Yellow Ocean for the season”

Saturday, March 23rd 2019

Today I took a drive into the massive desert expanse between Victorville and Palmdale. I had known from years ago that certain patches of the desert would become covered in beautiful, vibrant clusters of the tiniest yellow flowers. The clusters were scattered however and due to the recent barrage of drought that California had suffered, they were not very common. This year was very different, with all the snow and rain that had pummeled the state in the last 3 months, I had a suspicion that the wildflower clusters would be back, but I never imagined that they would arrive in such concentrations.

“One of the many roads that run north to south in the more isolated regions of the Mojave.”

“The desert mountains were host to a lot of fresh, green vegetation.”

“As soon as I caught sight of the yellow flowers, I found a place to park and started walking.”

The flowers created a literal ocean of gold as the expanse dwarfed anything I had ever seen in the 27 years I have lived here. This is not a version of the Mojave I am accustomed to seeing, but it is very much welcome. 2019 has been a very wet year so far, in fact by March of this year for the first time in nearly a decade, California has been declared as officially being out of a drought.

“Golden Oceans of wildflower blooms spanned great distances.”

“The Joshua Trees became small islands in this massive floral expanse.”

“Not to be left out of the action, the Joshua Trees were blooming as well.”

“It was so amazing to see wildflowers stretch as far as the eye can see.”

“Green and Yellow, two colors that are not a common sight in the desert.”

“These little flowers were about the size of a pea.”

“There must have been millions upon millions of the little blooms.”

“You just can’t beat this kind of scenery!”

“The sun was going down and so I snapped away like a maniac in the golden hour.”

“Days like this are what I live for, Gawd I love my desert home!”

“Farewell good sun, see you tomorrow.”

After the sun went down, it was time for me to head back home. I was still nursing a bad cold, but staying home today was not an option especially knowing that blooms like this were happening just miles away from me. I may feel a bit crummier now, but it was well worth it.

Until the next travel blog, remember to get out there and “Shoot the Planet!”



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  1. Linda Gomoll
    | Reply

    I too have been drinking in all the beautiful wildflowers and green hills down here in the desert. When I moved here I never dreamed the place could hold so much beauty – We are indeed blessed – Best description….COSMIC!

    • Indigo Hernandez
      | Reply

      Agreed, it’s definitely going to be a super-bloom to remember =D

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