About the Workshop Instructor

My name is Indigo and I have been making photography my entire life, but only since 2004 have I discovered a true passion for it. I’ve shot on film most of my life and when I made the jump to digital in 2005, things got a lot more interesting.
In 2006 I made friends with Darren Wallace, who runs Southern Cross 4WD Tours out of the Gold Coast in Australia and I was so impressed by their operation that it fueled the desire to make something similar here at home in the beautiful Mojave Desert and beyond. I have traveled around the world and have been to many beautiful places, but those experiences only inspired me to embrace the beauty of the Great American West, my home. Something had to be done about this…

Years went by and many drafts of Shoot the Planet came and went until late 2015 when I decided to take the plunge against all odds and give rise to the Outdoor Photo Ventures that I had always dreamed about. In my own pursuit of photography, surfing hundreds of photo blogs, and reading up on photo tech sites, I realized there is a large interest in the general public for photography, but the cost and time of taking college courses make it very difficult when you have a full time job with little to no flexibility in both time and budget. My solution was to offer an outdoor photo venture that is both affordable and flexible enough to schedule time for. This site will be my very own personal proving ground for that very concept.

I have taught many friends, colleagues and strangers who expressed an interest in the quality of photography I was producing. They wanted me to help them refine their own photographic skills. So from that point on, I would instruct anyone who wanted to learn photography from small groups to “one on one” and they all enjoyed my approach. I break down the learning process into small chunks of information rather than long and inundating speeches on the subject. Most of the folks who I taught made some very impressive jumps in their photo making skills, in fact there are a few who actually went on to quit their previous professions and took on photography as their new career path and with great success I might add. I love teaching and sharing information in general, but having the opportunity to do that with a subject that I am feverishly passionate about only makes having me by your side as your instructor a much better learning experience.

Shooting in the field is only part of the experience, there is so much more to learn in the post process. This is why my “In the field” photo instruction will often consider and teach how to shoot with the possibilities of post in mind. I’m excited about one day being able to offer a place that is equipped with the hardware and software needed to actually teach post processing tutorials live and in person. For now however, I will be working to begin integrating online tutorials in the meantime.

For now, “Welcome to Shoot the Planet!”

Indigo_002 (Photo Credit: The lovely Miss Julia Starr)

About the Workshops and Ventures

The workshop and venture line up for Shoot The Planet is based on years of location scouting and a schedule that offers the best times of the year specific locations to yield great photographic results while not being a danger to your health so you won’t find any workshops or ventures available in Death Valley during the height of summer. The workshops and ventures are limited to a maximum occupancy of 8-20 participants so that everyone can benefit from a more intimate photographing experience instead of the typical tourist like frenzies you will find with other photo tour groups. All workshops and ventures will operate during rain or shine unless conditions are seen as being unfit or unsafe for travel, in which case there will be the option to reschedule of get a full refund.

Ventures are not intended to be as “in-depth” with photo instruction the way that workshops are, but rather they are a semi instructional photo walk of sorts. In fact these expeditions are better than your run of the mill photo walks through a city because our destinations take you to places that are not just fun to explore and hike through, but offer some pretty spectacular views of some of the best that nature has to offer. Shoot The Planet workshops and ventures are great way to explore well known hot spots for photography or never before seen places. Of course one of the best features about these adventures is meeting new people who share the same appreciation for the beauty of the outdoor world. The workshops and ventures are available on a cyclical schedule so that if you cannot make a specific venture that you are interested in, don’t fret, it will be available again the following months to come.

I myself have known the Mojave Desert since I can remember, and when I officially moved here in 1992, the thought of growing up in the middle of a desert wasn’t all that fabulous an outlook until I slowly started exploring beyond the city limits and ventured deeper into the vast regions of the desert. After a short while, these road trips became an addiction and the lust for exploration became unquenchable. Eventually I found a good balance and started taking my camera gear everywhere I went which gave rise to my first travel blog in 2007. The travel blog has since gone through deletion, getting lost, file corruption, and steadily evolving into something more refined. Nowadays it lives here where I can share my travels and discoveries with others and hopefully spark the interest of wanderlust in everyone.

At times people will feel better off learning in a “one on one” type of environment and for those who are interested in arranging a private photo lesson, I can certainly work with you to make that happen. If you wish to book a private workshop or photo venture with a small group of friends to a desired location, I will require a two week notice and a security deposit for the booking. Currently Shoot The Planet is limited to workshops and ventures in the California, Nevada, Arizona, and Southern Utah regions. All workshops and ventures will operate during rain or shine unless conditions are seen as being unfit or unsafe for travel, in which case there will be the option to reschedule of get a full refund.