Photoshop Tutorial: Sky Replacement

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This video tutorial will cover what you can do if you shot great photos on a clear day. In this example, my great friend Julia Starr of Julia Starr Photography was awesome enough to be my model, but unfortunately the … Read More

Photoshop Tutorial: Subtle HDR Integration

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Hello everyone, I’ve made a tutorial for those who have been wondering how I got the level of detail and sharpness into some of my recent zoo photos. You can see the collection located in the travel section here “The … Read More

Photoshop Tutorial: Long Exposure HDR

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This video tutorial is the first to include how to set up your shot and how to capture with post treatment mind. When the shooting is done, it moves into photoshop & photomatix pro for some subtle HDR integration. I … Read More

Photoshop Tutorial: Portrait Enhancement

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I have to give a big thank you to Aimee and Brian for allowing me to make their photo session part of my online video tutorials =) This video tutorial covers all the basics for a typical photo enhancement scenario … Read More

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